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What did you say?

April 23, 2011

“It’s just a little gathering to get to know each other. No agenda.”

“Great! There’s a little something I’d like to talk about…”

“I don’t want to cover that this meeting,” looking down at the notepad on the table.

So… A personal agenda, not a public one. I see…

I get nervous when politicos say they have no agenda, and I get nervous when someone exhibits all the signs of having a hidden agenda while protesting otherwise. And by that, I mean to say that not only politicos are into manipulation and control of those around them, but also those people who have so much of themselves (one would think) invested in a situation that does not warrant such intensity. I have yet to accept the existence of such attitudes, and violently reject such attempts laid on me; it is an affront to my intelligence and to my dignity. And I am offended that those around me should be subjected to such underhanded tactics.

In my naiveté, I still believe that all stable, balanced, right-thinking, logical people are willing and able to work together for a common good; that is, we can work for the good of all, or at least so that no one is troubled unduly, that all feel fairly treated under whatever circumstances. Seeing the world as it is, this is a Pollyanna-ish view, yet one that I believe, in my heart of hearts, is achievable. Isn’t it in our best interests to cooperate with those around us, seeking the best that suits us all?

Was I born in the wrong time, unable to understand and cope in a distorted, parched, self-serving world?

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  1. Rashid al-Qasim permalink
    May 27, 2011 10:04 am

    An author I’m beginning to enjoy wrote, you can’t avoid politics by ignoring them.’ Truer words never spoken, eh? I hope things have cheered up a little bit for you since April, but politics is as politics does. I hope to see you down this way for Sealion, where we may both relax together in an atmosphere completly free of politics!
    We’ll see how long it lasts 😉

    • May 27, 2011 5:56 pm

      Indeed, Sayyid, in some areas it has improved, but others are on-going. I do pay attention to modern-day politics because I have to vote, and voting is the only place I may have a say; I won’t, however, inflict those inclinations on my friends nor suffer the same from them. However, when politicking invades my social space, when my recreation is subject to self-serving politicos, why should I be there? So… If I still want my recreation and enjoy being with my friends, I have to ignore some politicking and try to keep it off me. (On the other hand, there is one dance activity I won’t attend because then it would appear that I support the organizer of it. Sometimes y’just can’t win!)

      I -will- be at Sealion and look forward to seeing you again. And to relax!


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