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Costuming Unfettered!

May 21, 2011

It’s interesting to see how the internet ether has changed over the decades, and will likely continue to change.

At this point, I suspect many journals and diaries are purchased, but not many receive entries, all the relevant material being posted to Facebook and perhaps a blog. Every now and then there are user complaints of how rules of social websites are changed and of being locked out of one’s own account, but nothing of note happens further. I do think that web-based information is mercurial and etheric: not stable, not permanent, not trustworthy. It is, however, delightfully accessible (to those of us with the equipment, power and skill set).

That being said, I feel that blogs are a touch more stable than Facebook. And it so happens that a wonderful interchange of comments on Facebook inspired some costuming images. I received compliments on the concepts. Alas, I am not in a position to bring such designs to fruition, but, if I post them here, mayhap someone will take on the challenge to create them:

Thanks to Tara for starting the thread on the Dancing Circus, Erin for egging me on, and so on…

Begin quote (less the identifying names, with minor edits):

For the “tiger trainer“, requiring “not sparkly”:
I suggest a tuxedo in a good heavy shot silk, navy blue with burgundy, and a fine gold piping along all the seams and edges. The tophat in the same silk, with a gold rhinestone hatband. Nothing “tiger food” about it, and if you happen to get bit, silk is resistant to puncture wounds.

For “The Incredible Bearded, Sword-Swallowing, Lady“:
I’m thinking elegance may be the watch-word. The lady needs an off-the shoulder black velvet gown to display the beard to full effect, with alternating silver and gold sequins like the sun’s rays from the low neckline to the waist, down into scattered sequins over a skimming A-line skirt. The gloves, of course, must be opera length black lace with a scattering of gold and silver sequins over the backs of the hands and up the outside of the arms. The peek-a-boo shoes should have an edging of gold and gold heels to set off the black satin. The sword(s) must be silver with black snakeskin hilt and gold pommel. (Readers, note that this person is male and has a goodly amount of chest hair… and he liked the design!)

For the dancer on a swing and/or trapeze:
The rhinestones need to be placed carefully so you don’t slip when you don’t intend to. So… Bodysuit, yes, in wide bands spiraling up from the feet, alternating in turquoise and royal blue, with black piping between the bands; a short, full, skater-type skirt in the same colors, in vertical panels with the black piping, hemmed in silver rhinestones, with swirls of rhinestones rising like flames to the waist. Anklets and wristbands also hemmed in rhinestones and flames half-way up calf/ forearm. A rhinestone spiderweb from the throat “choker” down to the neckline which is -just- low enough. (This should leave knees, elbows, hands and feet free for trapeze work.) Large rhinestone hair ornament (flower? butterfly?) with short “leaves” of turquoise and royal blue.

End quote. They liked the ideas, so I record them here for as long as they last… This is costuming unfettered by costs, skills, materials, time, and all the other restrictions that prevent the development of the designs that haunt my imagination.

This is where the free exchange of ideas occurs, and perhaps great things happen. If you make any of these outfits, please send me a photo!

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