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The challenge begins!

June 1, 2011

I teach bellydance at our local community centre. It’s a good bit of fun, partly because I have a chance to share my joy of it, and partly because I get to see people’s eyes light up when they get a move under their hip-belt. It’s my way of bringing some happiness into the world through people’s lives, introducing them to the pleasure of movement they once had as children.

Today, a few of my long-time students and I had our first crack at the new choreography for the Canada Day show… and it’s exciting! New moves! New combinations! Layering and transitions never before encountered! Well, I have encountered them, so… I have a chance to share!

They look excited about the new dance, and perhaps a bit nervous… completely understandable. So I proposed we push hard to learn in the first week or two, and see if we can ease up closer to the show date when we should only need to work on minor details of presentation. They seem up for it… And I’d -better- be up for it, because, as leader, I have to repeat moves until everyone gets them! As it happens, I enjoy -that- kind of stress, creative, physical, loaded with energy… So… I’m blissed out again!

I sign off today with…

yours in dance,

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