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Ready… Aim…

June 8, 2011

So what’s with these odd interactions that cause distress? It’s as if some ghost came out of the past to push some buttons, but inhabiting a living body.

The obdurately crossed arms, the obstinate pout, the sneer that lives only a moment away from the lips, the critical eyes void of humanity, these things do nothing to encourage open and free discourse. Friendly? -Not-! There is no approaching such body language with the open vulnerability that involves, nay, -requires- fair and equal exchange of ideas. Ideas… ideas are held secretly, let out to a chosen few, leaving those who might benefit in a wasteland of ignorance and powerlessness.

How does one defuse the volatility that such interactions entail, render them inconsequential, without energy? Is all this deliberate manipulation an intention to drive one mad? Are these the demented actions of one not in control of themselves, so they demand control of others? Is this disparaging attitude a mere display of insecurity so profound that recognizing it would cause the owner irreparable harm?

Am I looking for reasons to tolerate this irrationality so that I need not waste the energy to challenge the manipulation, the control-freak actions of a tormented, vampiric mind, or am I truly seeking a place of equanimity, of balance, so that my mind and my body are untroubled by the storms outside?

Will time provide the answer?

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