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Shimmy back, and then…

June 11, 2011

Oh, this choreography is great fun! My sleep was… not “disturbed” because dreaming of dancing is never disturbing for me… “lightened” by mental images of how to adjust a dance for a group that was once originally designed for a soloist.

And I think I’ve got it!

Everyone will still dance the “figures”, but we will use the travelling steps to change the visual placement of the dancers.

– Start in 2 open rows
– With the trampoline walk, all circle as one
– At the Sohair Zaki walk, each circles and eases into a single line
– At shimmy walk back, stay in a line, but spread out coming forward for the Fifi set
– With the paisley, return to line for twists and snaps

The dance will be a little looser, and it’s good experience in dealing with freestyle issues, like making adjustments for the audience and interacting with other dancers.

I think our next practices will need space closer to the stage area that we will perform on, so we can become comfortable with this aspect of freestyle.

So… My apologies to Raqia Hassan, who wrote the choreography, and Horacio Cifuentes, who taught it, for the changes which I am about to introduce to my students for the purposes of our single-dance presentation.

I feel a little guilty for making these changes… but I hope to please the audience more because of them.

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