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June 15, 2011

Now, as time for sleep approaches, thoughts of tango edge out those of bellydance, as the current night gives way to the night to come.

There is such a constant shifting between the two. Both demand the soul’s opening to the music to make visible the meaning in and of the music, and training and discipline to make a simple skill beautiful.

One dance requires connecting, working intimately in concert with another human being, listening, leading/following, and the other can change between working with others for a larger creation and working solo, baring one’s soul, one’s essence, which must be done for a deeper creation.

Each dance holds a mystery, a mysticism that sneaks up, appears unannounced with a sudden gift of bliss and one-ness that you cannot reach for, but only create the setting, the stage for it to appear. And it may not, for it is a fickle creature that hides when sought, and embraces you when you are otherwise occupied.

My love is torn between two dances…

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