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Diamonds in the rough – a response

June 23, 2011

I responded to a post and discovered I mistyped, so here is the way I’d hoped it would be.
Original post:

I just can’t settle for less than my best. Greatness is probably better when self-defined, and dancing is always good. But… Why settle?

In my “other life”, I teach belly dance. It can be a sublime expression of the unknowable, or it can be a technically perfect robotic shell. Yet the expression will not happen without the technique.

I see it this way… Each form, each move is a syllable, a sound. A completed movement (start to finish) is a word. Transitions are the conjunctions and whatnot that join subject to predicate/object. Movements plus transitions create sentences. And then, and only then, will dancing with feeling, with soul, with spirit create poetry.

To express the soul without the discipline of form is mere babbling. I won’t settle for babbling.

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