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July 29, 2011

A friend saw a clip of some Argentine tango, the style I dance. She said, “Milonga is like that video you posted a while back; very smooth and flowing, right? I’d always pictured Tangos so rigid and forceful. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before, it looks really beautiful!”

So I had to respond, since we see so little of the Argentine tango (AT) that is danced by normal, everyday, person-next-door sort of people.

Milonga is a simple one-two rhythm, lots of walking. Depending on the music, it can be a little cheeky, and sometimes it’s fast. I -love- the energy that it brings and can give.

Vals (waltz) is smooth and flowing, always. It has a one-two-three pattern. One of my favorite steps for it is an intermediate level, where we go round and round. It’s also challenging for me to get it right the first time! It is also the most elegant.

The tango rhythm is … tango. It’s the most expressive of them all, changing with the music and the words and how the dancers are feeling at the moment. The interpretive possibilities are incredible, especially if you are willing to dig into your own psyche.

So this is the Argentine Tango as it is danced by “the people”, us, you and me. This is the tango taught by Valley Tango.

It’s another one of the those dances that is easy to learn but challenging to learn well; I think it was Martha Graham who said something about the freedom to dance fully came only with the self-discipline to learn to dance well… and that’s where I’m going!

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