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Copy this to your status if you agree!

August 16, 2011

Again with this annoying reposting virus! “Here’s a human rights issue to get up in arms about! Copy and paste this to your status if you agree!” And if you don’t “agree”, you are obviously the scum of the earth, the source of the problem, and the instigator of all the ills of the world. To not “agree”/repost/copy-paste-to-your-status is to seem anti-social, the antithesis of the Ideal Facebooker and a general social outcast!

Why all this “post this to your status if you agree” nonsense? Are you feeling insecure about your beliefs/feelings? Want someone to agree so you don’t feel so lonely in your closely cherished, well-meaning, ideals? You feel helpless about atrocious situations, but, gee, here’s a keyboard to copy&paste a wee paragraph about it… again… without doing any real work or research that could actually make a difference? Oh, please don’t tell me to sign another petition that goes nowhere!

And then there are the nostalgia posts of “I rode my bike without a helment and I survived,” and “I was raised to have respect for my elders,” which is all well and good when you are face-to-face with someone to share that nostalgia. But to post it to be disseminated hither and yon? Why? Seeking kindred souls amongst the anonymous faces of the Internet who will never truly understand you anyway?

Even if I agree with the stance you take, why do you insist on attempting to guilt me into copying you like some second-rate banana? Oh, you didn’t mean to send out emotional blackmail? You didn’t intend to bully me? Read your words again, as if for the first time.

If you really like these kind of posts, I’m guessing you go for chain-letters, too, interminable things that tell you to send mail/money/recipe to someone you don’t know and inundate 50 of your friends with the same letter requesting them to do the same. [sarcasm on] I am -so- sure this will change the world![sarcasm off]

Perhaps you, a reader who is a non-reposter, might have an opinion of your own, or possibly words of your own! Heavens! An original thought!? How outre, how… unique! How dangerous to society! How necessary!

Reposter! Go use your own words, at least in part! Stand up for what you think, believe and say! Remember that lip service is just that and nothing more; if you really want to affect the world, get out there and -do- something -real-.

One more thing… actually, several…

Spurious posts that I want to put out to see if anyone salutes:

People must be allowed to breathe oxygen! If you agree, copy and paste this to your status for at least an hour. Let’s see how many people believe in our right to breath air!”

From … because it’s a spurious status that I -am- tempted to repost:

“Dear facebook friends – no matter the cause or reason, I will not copy and paste your status and make it mine – copy-paste if you agree.”

Although I happen to -like- inspirational quotes in amongst a person’s posts, I thought some of these descriptions were apt:

And here is someone who has a way with words:

OK. I feel better for getting that out. For now…

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