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Tech VS. Touch

September 14, 2011

I’ve always said that too much technology between people cripples the natural empathy that develops within an affinity group, whether that is a family or a special-interest group.

Spending time with others, talking with them, seeing their facial expressions, physical contact both deliberate and accidental, moving within each other’s space (“Pass the butter, please?”), affects the brain in a profound way that increases one’s sense of satisfaction with life.

Argentine tango is my way to deliberately increase my sense of satisfaction in life by spending time with others of my affinity group (tango dancers), talking (with everyone) and keeping in contact (dancing and the occasional contacts that come in conversation).

On the other hand, dancing is fun! I get to dance with lots of men who know how to hold me! And want to! 😀

I may have to enlarge on this line of thought…

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