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FB changes? More to it than that…

September 29, 2011

There is a lot of verbiage going through my mind, what with the most recent changes to FB. And my opinions about it, or anything like it, have not changed.

I still think FB, new or old, makes for a manufactured life: sweet and tasty, little substance or nutrition, easy to overindulge, and addictive.

Online social networking gives a semblance of “friends” with none of the depth of true friendship; hence the people with hundreds of “friends” but still a hunger for someone, anyone, who understands them.

The oversharing so common on these sites is another symptom of the lack of depth of open and honest friendships. There is no room for soul-searching when -everything- is out there, yet only the surface is skimmed and sifted.

Privacy, -not- being stripped naked for all to see, is a human need, oft discarded in the search for honesty and openness without regard for the social ramifications of doing so.

You can’t make friends with the click of a button! You have to work together, play together, go through hell together, discover the depths in each other, choose to spend time with each other in each other’s company in order to be friends. You have to find the special bits of yourself in your friend, and vice versa.

A friend is someone who warms your heart even when you just think of them.

No click of a link can make that happen.

… I think I’m venting… My apologies if I offend…

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  1. October 4, 2011 6:35 pm

    Dear Linda, and I do consider you a ‘friend’ in the true (not FB) sense. Thank you for this blog and I shall happily link mine to it.

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