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Reno contractors are… are…

December 10, 2011

I had the roof re-shingled a while back. At the time, there were no bathroom or kitchen fans installed, but there were plans to do so. The roofer said he’d be back to install the vents, the stacks, for those fans when their locations were confirmed.

Well. The locations are not only confirmed, but the fans are installed, venting directly into the attic. Which is a bad thing. But temporary, because the roofer said he’d come back to install the vents.

But the roofer does not return phone calls. It’s been, what…, 2 months now? I realize he is busy, but so busy he can’t give me a call to give me a guess on the time-slot needed to install 2 vents?

Of course, the insulation for the attic cannot be done until the vents are installed and the pipes connected between them and the fans. It’s now below freezing outside; I can feel the cold -falling- from the ceiling. I need the insulation… but first the connections… but first the vents…!

And the worst of this? I trusted him! I ignored the people who said to hold back 20% until the job was completed and checked. I trusted him to return, as he said he would, to complete the job!


Don’t trust contractors so much that you pay them up front, or that you pay them in full when the job is done. Wait! Sure, give them a down payment of a third or even half, if needed. When the job is done, pay them up to three-quarters of the total cost, maybe to 90%. Hold back at least 10%. Then… Ensure all the work is done, complete, and to the satisfaction of any and all inspectors. -Then- pay off the last bit.

Otherwise, you’ll be sitting… waiting… for months… for a job to be done that is holding up all the -other- jobs that have to follow it…


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