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David Suzuki’s words stick with me

January 2, 2013

Sometimes I get so busy with life that I forget to write some of it down. Much of life goes by without being noticed, as I expect it does with the majority of people in our modern world. Sometimes a thing will continue to hover in my mind without actually becoming a write-able topic. Haunting. Persistent. Lurking. Like this. I caught a goodly bit of an “epac” presentation on TV that now hovers. It’s not going away, so I’m putting down here what I have managed to capture.

David Suzuki’s shows are always interesting. Perhaps not glue-to-the-seat interesting, but worth watching, a staple in the stable of Canadian shows. Then I saw his talk: 2012 National Symposium Lecture in Prince Edward Island (Canada). How different from the shows… Not just glued to my seat, but rivetted. Superglued. Heart and mind grabbed so hard that I had to write down a few things, desperately scribbled in a frantic endeavour to record important ideas, many being direct quotes that burned themselves into my brain…

  • Words are not actions.
  • Harper’s ‘law and order government’ breaks its own laws.
  • Proportional representation as a better method of determining better leadership.
  • “… need to evolve…”
  • We have elevated the economy over the ecology to our detriment.
  • The fighting will continue until we shift the paradigm. Clean air, water, soil, clean energy from the sun, biodiversity. The human animal is still connected to nature. An intelligent creature would not pollute their environment. “There is no Plan B.”
  • “Nature is the source of our well-being and our lives.”
  • “We can affect the future by what we do now.”
  • “An economy in constant growth is cancer.”
  • “Limit growth to what nature can manage in order to support us.”
  • Read Jeff (Geoff?) Rubin’s “End of Growth”.
  • “Enshrine the right to a healthy environment in our constitution.”
  • ‘Pacha Mama’ of Bolivia and Equador, environment as a being with rights. Bhutan’s happiness as gross national product.
  • We’ve got to put fences around humans!

So, now what? For me, it’s brought a fresh awareness of my personal actions on our finite planet. What is the size of my footprint? Will there be anything left for the children and grandchildren of my generation? That -is- how immediate this is!

We cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into apathy! -Each- of us needs to do what we can, because, as we each do our little bit, those collective bits become a great wave, a movement that is greater than the current craze for “Occupy” gatherings. How much of your “overhead” do you supply? Food? Clothing? Transportation? Shelter? Power for any of that? How much do you rely on outside input? How far do those supplies have to travel? Everything we do has a cost, and we can recognize who pays, or will pay, for it.

We don’t need to go back to the Stone Age, but we do have to alter how we occupy this planet. It starts with our awareness of our choices, and continues with making more sustainable choices as we find and develop them.

Are you on-board?

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